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July 27, 2012
by Marta Jaruzel
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Difference between notebook and netbook

Technology has developed to such an extent that you can only see the first model of the computer, which occupied the room, in the museum. The computer industry has evolved so much that you can even get the computer that you can easily carry in one hand. New models of the computers are designed so to be more convenient for people and to meet their expectations. Undoubtedly, the launch of notebooks and netbooks heralds a new era in the computer world. If you do not know which one of them to purchase, make sure which model will be more adjusted to your needs as ther is a huge difference between notebook and netbook.

The most crucial difference between notebook and netbook can be seen with regard to its size. A notebook is a much bigger computer than a netbook. Its screen varies from twelve to seventeen inches and its weight can range from five to six pounds. It is not an ideal computer for those people who need this device at their disposal all the time. Travelling with this computer may be a real fly in the ointment as the comfort of your travel may be greatly disturbed making you get tired of carrying it from dusk to dawn. When it comes to a netbook, its screen can reach no more than twelve inches and its weight can vary from one to two pounds which means that carrying it will not be such an ordeal as in all probability you may not notice that you have something with you.

Another disparity between those computers can be observed with reference to the price of them. Purchasing a notebook requires greater financial resources which stems from the fact that its processing power and features are larger; therefore, more expensive. Buying a netbook is not that prohibitively expensive as its processing power and other components though of worse quality than the previous model are still good. Hence, you do not have to be a millionaire to get as $300 is a sufficient sum to pick a decent model.

Also, the difference between notebook and netbook can traced with respect to the purpose of its use. A notebook user is the one who manages large music libraries, creates graphics and edits massive video files. A notebook works well for those who do something more than writing or blogging. If you need a computer to do simple things such as checking your facebook account or watching films, invest your money in a netbook.

As it can be seen, there is the world of difference between notebook and netbook that is why you should realize what needs your computer should serve. If your magical appliance fails being under guarantee or no, do not panic as Miami IT support will help you out.

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July 27, 2012
by Marta Jaruzel
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Pita bread – calories and nutrition facts

Surprising though it may seem, bread constitutes a major part of our diet. So widespread is it that it is hardly possible to imagine any meal without it. Undoubtedly, it is the first product most of us reach to prepare breakfast as sandwiches of all kinds prevail in our kitchen tables and during our lunch breaks. Unfortunately, traditional bread is not the healthiest one that is why you should try to make changes in your diet and eliminate white bread from it at all. In place of white bread you can have pita bread which consumption is far more beneficial for you. Before you say no to incorporating pita in your diet, make sure you know all pita bread – calories and nutrition facts.

When it comes to a calorific value of pita, it has to be acknowledged that it is the least calorific bread in the world. Certainly, indulging yourself in eating it can make you fatter as it is the case with all types of bread but if you consume it in moderate amounts in all probability you have no chance of gaining even a single pound. Even if you are on a diet that does not mean that you have to forget about eating all types of bread and certainly not pita as a serving of it which amounts to 60 grams amounts to 165 calories.

As far as nutrition facts about pita are concerned, you must be aware that there is no better cocktail of vitamins than the one that is in pita. According to studies, in pita’s composition a few vitamins and six minerals can be detected which means that eating it may boost your health. Calcium present in pita can prevent your bones from mineralization and iron present in it can decrease your chances of falling prey to anaemia. Apart from that, the high amount of protein in pita can keep your muscles in shape and improve the general condition of your hair, nails and skin. Another interesting nutrition fact about pita bread is that it is rich in dietary fibre which means that any unpleasant digestive problems you experience can turn out to be the thing of the past.

As it can be seen, there are many reasons that speak in favour of replacing traditional bread with pita. Pita bread – calories and nutrition facts show how great a thought is to incorporate pita on your diet and start having it on an everyday basis. Pita bread is not so calorific that is why you will not have to worry about your figure. Not to mention the fact that it provides your body with nutritious substances making you unlikely to suffer from any kind of vitamin deficiency.


July 26, 2012
by Bartek Romanowski
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Famous buildings in Germany

There are so many reasons for visiting Germany. For example, it is a country of great history. It is one of the oldest countries in Europe, therefore, it has developed a very unique and distinct country which is another great reason to stop by there. However, there is a big group of tourists who go there to admire the architecture which is indeed impressive. Throughout all of these years, many buildings from different eras and epochs have been erected, making this country a great place to go if you wish to see how architecture in Europe has been evolving over the years. This short list of famous buildings in Germany should showcase that development quite well.

Back in the antiquity, when Germany was nothing more than a collection of tribes, temporarily under the reign of the Roman Empire, Roman architecture has been predominant in these areas. Although not much of it has lasted until today, the Porta Nigra in Trier is a great exception to that. Built around 200 AD, this gate (Lat. Black Gate) served as the entrance to the Roman city. However, only the gate has prevailed until today but taking into consideration how few relics from the antiquity have endured the trial of time it is still more than historians, and tourists, would hope for.

However, if we want to talk about famous buildings in Germany, there is no way we can forget about the Cologne Cathedral. It is the most popular landmark of Germany, which is visited by as many as 20,000 people every day. The construction of this church took more than 600 years! It was commenced in 1248 and ended in 1880, but in 1473 the construction was halted, only to be resumed in the 19th century. There is a number of relics and treasures hidden in the cathedral so not only the exterior is worth seeing.

Finally, we arrive to modernity and there is no better place to see how it looks than Potsdam, where the Einstein Tower is located. This tower is an astrophysical observatory that aims to either prove or disprove Einstein’s relativity theory. It was finished in 1924 so Einstein himself was still able to see it. Despite of its scientific character, the tower’s design is very original and attractive for standard tourists.

As you can see, you don’t have to leave Germany in order to see how the European architecture has been developing over the years. Obviously, there are many new projects sprinkling around the whole country, all thanks to the most advanced online project management software. But the constructions that impress us the most have been built in times where such great aids for architects were unthinkable.

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July 24, 2012
by Bartek Romanowski
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Most popular US cities for tourists

There are many interesting tourist destinations in the world. Many people love to sunbathe in Egypt or Greece, others visit Austria or China to climb magnificent mountains. But there is no such place to go such as the USA. This country is one of the most popular holiday destination and not without a reason. The diverse nature of this country makes it possible to enjoy the visit for even the most picky tourists. Here is just a small selection of the most popular US cities for tourists.

If you are one of the nature lovers then you definitely have to visit any town located in Wyoming state. First of all, it is not overcrowded like other states are but most importantly it lies within a beautiful mountain range. In fact, in these lands there have been living groups of Native Americans, giving this place the unique atmosphere of Wild West. This place is ideal for people who wish to admire wonderful landscape far from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

If you are one of those who wish to experience even bigger hustle and bustle, then you have to visit New York city, no question about about it. This city is so big, full of buildings of any kind and numerous places of interest, that you will find there everything you need. Cars, skyscrapers, monuments, everything a city-dweller needs.

Another pick that made it to this list of most popular US cities for tourists is Las Vegas. Everyone who is thrilled by the possibility of taking part in high-stakes games or simply if you want to witness such games than you need to see that city. But it is not only gambling, you can see there wonderful buildings full of bright lights, making a stroll down the Strip at night an unforgettable experience.

Finally, if you want to sunbathe a little, but you are also attracted by the era of disco, then it is obvious that Miami is a place for you. Although it is no longer as popular as it was 40 and 30 years ago, the atmosphere of these days is still present in that city. And if you are wondering how are you going to move around this giant city than the answer is Miami airport transfer service.

As you can see, the USA are so diverse that every type of tourist will be able to find a place for him or herself over there. Don’t look any further, go and visit one of the most popular US cities for tourists.


July 23, 2012
by Michal Rycicki
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5 gift ideas for your maid of honor

You will probably be in the seventh heaven when your walk down the aisle. You will be happy because you will be seconds away from being a wife to your husband and starting a new phase of your life. You will also be happy because you will be surrounded by your kith and kin, and those you value in your life the most. Some of your female friends will become your bridesmaids and one of them will be a principle bridesmaid, called a maid of honor. Who might be a perfect maid of honor? How about your sister? Isn’t she a person who knows you best and is with your through thick and thin? How about your best friend? Don’t you trust her endlessly? Whoever you choose, give her a gift she will never forget. Below is the list of 5 gift ideas for your maid of honor.

If your maid of honor has got a partner, prepare a surprise for them and stand them a three-meal dinner in a fancy restaurant. Not only will they have a blast eating and talking in a great spot, but they will always connect this evening with you as the person who let them spend such a great time.

One of 5 gifts ideas for your maid of honor might be an elegant picnic basket. If she likes spending time in the fresh air, having a nice meal on the meadow, look no more for a perfect present for her.

If your maid of honor is a keen reader of some thematic magazine, buy her a subscription to it and let her thus spare some money for petty pleasures, such as sweets or cosmetics.

Furthermore, if your friend runs her own business, spare your time to help her. Why don’t you take a day-off and aid her sorting out the paperwork? Or maybe you can go out into the street and distribute some flyers? Anything that can be of help will be appreciated by your bridesmaid.

The last of 5 gift ideas for your maid of honor is a rare CD album or musical souvenir connected with your maid of honor’s favorite band or artist. Browse online shops and get her a gift she will never forget!

Each bridesmaid deserves a little gift from you for their encouragement and time they sacrifice to help you so that your wedding day be the best day in your life.


July 23, 2012
by Marta Jaruzel
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Benefits of hiring a wedding planner

Preparing a birthday party is a challenge but arranging a wedding is even more than that as it requires more sacrifices that you can hardly imagine. Apart from preparing a guest list and choosing your wedding dress, you have to choose the place for the reception venue, choose a cameraman and a band, decorate the church, order a wedding bouquet and the list of things goes on and on. Certainly, you do not have to be left alone with a burdensome task of organising your big day as there is a person that can take the part off your wedding burden from your shoulders and help you out. That person is a wedding planner. There are many benefits of hiring a wedding planner that you should be aware before you say ‘I do not want to have one’.

The biggest pro of a wedding planner is that he or she organizes your wedding the way you want. You are not involved in the actual process of preparing your big day as it is a wedding planner’s job to do it. You just discuss with your little helper the details concerning your wedding, you inform him or her about your preferences concerning the church decoration, the layout of the wedding invitations and the shape of your wedding cake and all intricacies concerning your big day. Then, a wedding planner is to make all your requests be acted on. No matter how difficult it may be to find blues roses he or she has to find them for you.

Another benefit of having a wedding planner at your disposal is that you can be sure that your wedding will turn out fine. A wedding planner knows the wedding underground. He or she knows quite well which photographer takes the best pictures, which band you would not feel ashamed of, which baker bakes really delicious five-tire wedding cakes and so on. Commissioning a wedding planner your wedding arrangement, you can be more that sure that everything will be top-notch.

Besides being certain that your wedding will go smoothly in every respect, a wedding planner can release you of a burden of devoting your precious time on wedding preparations. You probably work very hard, have to stay after hours and the least thing you wish yourself to do is to work like a mule after work. You are not a robot that does not need any relaxation. Why not save some time for sweet idleness and have someone prepare your wedding?

As it can be seen, there are more benefits of hiring a wedding planner than you may seem at first glance. Although a wedding planner can do pretty much for you, there are some things you have to do yourself and that is buying your wedding gown.